Monday, September 29, 2008

Some Like It Hot

One thing I learned yesterday: natural mango Snapple mixed with home-infused hot pepper vodka and garnished with cucumber and mint is actually not a bad drink. Who would've thought, huh?

The drink was the special of the day at a friend's housewarming in Tacoma. While mango Snapple was not originally a part of the concoction, it was all that was readily available when our mixologist ran out of Sprite. But kind of like those chili-coated dried mangoes they sell at Trader Joe's, the combination actually... works.

The housewarming itself was in honor of Amy V's former long-time roommate, Christina, and I have to say she couldn't have picked a nicer day. Until the sun went down and took the day's warmth with it, many of us sat out on the porch enjoying summer's unexpected return. And, considering how small and circuitous the layout of Christina's apartment is, quite a few people managed to fit in her living room that evening. Christina is a real decorating fiend, and in the months since she moved in she'd turned what had been (so I heard) a toxic wasteland into something all her own with charm to spare.

Plus, she gets bonus points for the adorable kittens at play for our entertainment. Really, what more could any housewarming need beyond boisterous baby animals and hot pepper vodka?

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