Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day in the Life

You know, there just hasn't been much happening these past couple of days. It's just the same old routine, but hey, why not write about that? Some day I will probably look back fondly on these carefree, low energy times. Well, maybe.

So what do I do each day? I wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head... OK, so those may not be my own words, but that's pretty much the way it starts. What's that? Too much detail? Yeah, yeah, I get it. Here's my day in a nutshell:

Lucy, our mini-lab mutt, jumps to attention as soon as I make a move to get up. She's rearing to go - encouraged, no doubt, by the fact that breakfast is nigh and, as a lab mix, she is truly all about the food. By the time I leave the house, she's already settled into her "pad" on the basement sofa; the little princess likes to lounge.

I'm running out the door to my first bus. It's about a ten minute ride, then I'm off the bus and running again, this time for about two miles, at which point I'll stop to wait for my second bus of the morning. What's that, you say? You run two miles between buses? Why, yes, I do this nearly EVERY week day morning. Without getting into the boring details, let's just say this is the one way I've found to get between buses without the possibility of a missed connection. Thank you, King County Metro! I do have to admit, though, I'm thankful for the exercise. Not too many people get to run a couple miles as part of their regular morning commute. Total commute time: one hour 15 minutes. Total commute time if I were to drive: half an hour maximum, door to door.

Bus number two takes me directly to bus number three, which takes me directly to downtown Edmonds and Europe Through the Back Door. In other words, my job. I sit at my cubicle, except on days like today when I work the public desk in front, and spend my eight hour work day talking tours, booking tours, checking on tours, updating tours, and laughing at the funny things my coworkers say. This is what tour divas do when they're not, well, touring.

Off work, it's now time for the three bus commute back home (no running this time, as it's a different route). An hour later I'm home, and Lucy greets me at the door, her tail wagging so hard it looks like she might just actually wag her bottom right off. Of course, she knows this means it's almost dinner time; I can't pretend that the mere sight of me is so exciting.

I'm hungry, so I slice off some pecorino cheese from the huge wedge I bought at Costco. Michael's left a note on the message board saying to wake him at 7:45 - he worked an hour and a half of overtime this morning on top of his night shift. Since we're eating leftover chili for dinner and all I need to make are biscuits and salad, this leaves me with time to, well, what else? I'm writing this as we speak, aren't I? It leaves me with time to blog about my uneventful day! Happy Wednesday!

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