Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing to Buy

It's Friday! TGIF! Except I actually have to work tomorrow (that's why I had Tuesday off earlier this week), and working on Saturday means I actually have to get up 45 minutes earlier than a typical weekday because of the Saturday bus schedules and the fact that I have to arrive by 9 instead of 9:30. Tonight I'm volunteering at the young adult shelter again, but just for a couple of hours in the evening so that I can still enjoy a full night's sleep.

We are also nearing the halfway point in Buy Nothing Month, so perhaps this is a good time to assess how successful our efforts at buying nothing have been. So far, the month has progressed as expected - we've bought food, of course, but beyond that the only items I've needed to purchase have been some small household needs, such as toothpaste, and those costs have totaled less than $10.00.

I've also been paying more attention than usual to using up any and all leftovers. While it's always my goal not to be wasteful, it's disturbingly easy to forget about small containers of unknown contents tucked in the back of the refrigerator. Citrus fruit, half eaten bunches of cilantro, canned tomatoes, and partially used tubs of sour cream have been among the many casualties. My attempt at scrupulously rooting out all odds and ends before they perish led to an unorthodox meal last night - quesadillas consisting of homemade tortillas filled with pepper jack, a little parmesan, and chopped cilantro, topped with the remains of a tomato from the U District's Saturday farmer's market, leftover potato ravioli filling simply eaten on it's own, and the last remnants of Tuesday night's salad. Right now I'm mentally creating a check list of other items I need to finish up this weekend. This can make for some easily prepped dinners, but have to say that while I don't mind leftovers for breakfast (yes, I do eat all kinds of leftovers for breakfast) or lunch, I really crave a freshly prepared meal to sit down to with Michael at the end of the day.

But better meals are ahead, and even though I really have limited myself almost completely to buying only produce and other fresh foods (like eggs) this month, I don't feel that my choices have suffered. I may have to buy more flour soon, though, what with all the homemade tortillas, pizza, and biscuits, I've gone through pounds of the stuff in the past couple of weeks!

That's all for today's report. I'll keep you posted as the month progresses.

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