Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rubble Rabble

Huh. I checked out Rutabaga Stories for the first time since my last post, and found a wealth of information at my fingertips.  Apparently, my blog is still getting page views (isn't it amazing what modern technology can show us?).  Not a lot, mind you, but people are looking.  And those people are not me (until tonight, of course - hey! I just made my stats go up, didn't I?).

Well, I wish I had something to say.  Something earth-shattering and astounding and full of unique, unprecedented insights.  But... I don't.  The internet is so full of content.  Some excellent content, a lot of meaningless content, and a whole lot of inane dribble.  It's too much for any person to sift through.  Why contribute, I figure, if my contributions just add to the rubble?

I still like the idea of writing.  Yet writing about myself and my life feels overdone, like a charred piece of toast left out on the counter, getting more stale by the minute.  And the permanence of these words, burned onto the landscape of the internet forever, gives me pause.

I am open to suggestions, and not above the need for a little validation. Comments, please!