Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loose Ends

As any trip nears, the list of things to get done tends to get longer, not shorter. At the same time, more and more is crossed off the list, not because the tasks have been completed, but because, realistically, they just aren't going to happen. And in the meantime, while I figure that out, things that should be happening get postponed, and the deadline draws ever closer.

I will be leaving my house for the airport in less than 36 hours and have yet to pack. Heck, I have yet to create my packing list! Do not mock the packing list; every time I don't use it - and I mean really use it, not just type one up and decide I have now memorized the list and erroneously believe I no longer need to refer to it - I forget something and end up having to buy travel alarm clocks and batteries in Haarlem that don't work (gee, isn't it fun when the tour guide is late to breakfast), or getting drenched to the bone in Rome because I didn't bring a poncho or an umbrella

So what have I accomplished? Well, I cooked up a storm for Michael and Ryan's joint early birthday party on Friday night - hooray for the new pasta machine! I have successfully obtained a functioning camera, one that I'm borrowing from a friend since I don't feel ready yet to plunk down a couple hundred or more on a new model. The front yard has been weeded, and an attempt was made to mow the jungle that some might foolishly describe as a "back yard". I was able to meet up with several of my friends for some one-on-one time, and I remembered to call my Mums to wish her a happy Mother's Day (phew! I'll have to get her a gift in Europe). Michael and I managed to get out with the Lucy dog for some quality time in the sun at Green Lake and Carkeek Park over the weekend, and we also successfully installed our guest bathroom sink and bought a new light fixture. And, perhaps best of all, I get the treat of snuggling with a squeaky clean dog tonight - Lucy has had her monthly bath!

That leaves what I haven't accomplished. The packing, of course (I better get cracking!). And I still haven't posted my final fabulous five tightwad travel tips! Believe me, I started that post long ago, and these are some good ones! I promise it will arrive... eventually. As for the so-called mowing of the "back yard"... well, some is better than none, right? That's a task and a half that will have to wait. And speaking of waiting, we still haven't come close to finishing the paint job on our bathroom cabinet doors. Let's just say that Michael has a lot of sanding ahead of him while I'm gone.

But all in all, I feel pretty good about things. I didn't read all the books I had planned, largely because I ended up aither biking or driving to work recently, and those hours on the bus are usually my prime reading time. I definitely need to complile a good list of restaurants to try in San Sebastian; that town is a foodie paradise! Still, I'm confident it will work out. At least, if I get off the internet NOW and actually get to the task at hand.

Sure, it's little work now and a late night, but the fun is just getting started.

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Camille said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Ruth Ann! I hope you have a great time on your trip and I wish you safe and fun travels!