Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm So-o-o-oo Tired

Mensch, bin ich aber müde! I think Berlin has me museumed-out for the time being after today's foray into the Deutsches Historisches Museum following a two and a half hour walking tour and later a quick look into the Musical Instrument Museum (yes, that's right - this museum is dedicated to historical instruments). Considering I have also been to the Altes Museum, the Pergamon Museum, and the Jewish Museum during my short stay here, perhaps it was time for break. And so I took a break... and went shopping.

Now, I rarely go shopping "for fun". Generally there is always some purpose to a shopping trip, whether it's because we're looking for a new light fixture or I need a new pair of jeans because the old ones have a hole in the rear. But somehow, shopping seemed like the perfect antidote to 2000 years of German history. It helps that Prenzlauer Berg is actually a fun place to shop, with many trendy little independent boutiques, although most are also unfortunately too spendy for my liking. Perhaps that's a good thing, as that means that I escaped the afternoon having spent only 30 euros - some on a gift for Michael, some on a nice Spirou and Fantasio comic. Possibly my favorite of the Carlsen Comics series, you can't find Spirou and Fantasio in the U.S. anyway, as these comics have not been translated into English. With that in mind, I figured, as someone who generally disdains souvenirs, that this was a reasonable purchase.

Tomorrow we leave Berlin early for Dresden. In the meantime I'll be packing, reading up on Spirou the bellboy's early adventures, and hopefully getting a good night's sleep. Bis später!

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