Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Praise of the Chicken Döner

Ah, chicken Döner, how I love thee! Yet too oft, thou art too far from me. Thankfully, in Berlin, I can eat chicken döner to my heart's content. The döner is definitely one thing for which the Germans owe the Turks their most heartfelt gratitude.

For those wondering what on earth I'm talking about, chicken döner is made from chicken meat that has been stacked on a rotating spit that turns in front of an open grill, much like how gyros are typically cooked. The revolving roasting makes for a crispy, absolutely delicious coating on the meat, which is shaved off to create sanwiches to order. A typical döner will include "scharf (spicy)" sauce, cabbage - sometimes pickled, onions, and a tomato and cucumber salad, all stuffed in a large, flat round bun or wrapped in flatbread. They usually cost under 3 euros, which I figure is a great deal for fast food that actually tastes fantastic and includes actual vegetables with your protein. And it is tasty - sometimes I just crave chicken döner, but I have never, ever found it in the U.S. Maybe I should open a shop...

But in the meantime, I will enjoy it here as often as I like! Oh delicious döner, you never let me down.

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