Sunday, August 31, 2008

Uphill Battle

I feel like I have just finished doing penance. I just carried 30 pounds of groceries more than half a mile. Uphill! In the driving snow! OK, OK, I admit I'm starting to exaggerate, but only that part about the snow. I really did carry 30 pounds of groceries; I know this to be true because I actually weighed the bags one by one on the bathroom scale when I got home. And I really did walk more than half a mile and part of it was definitely uphill - and a pretty steep hill at that.

It is times like these that I look back on when I'm at work and hear one of our tour members complain over the phone about having to "possibly" carry their luggage up five flights of stairs. Oh, honey, I have so been there and done that, and my bags don't even have wheels! But of course I don't say that. Although sometimes I wish I could say, "Yes, and won't you feel so proud of yourself after all that?" Because I have to admit, I feel pretty proud about carrying 30 pounds of groceries!

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