Friday, August 29, 2008

The Rutabaga Starts Here

So, after mulling the idea over for, oh, maybe a year or two, probably more, I have decided to start my own blog. I'm not yet sure of the real purpose of this blog, or who might read it, but I suspect the two main reasons in the back of my mind are: 1. To write more - or to write at all, really, since I can't remember the last time I really sat down and wrote anything more complex than a shopping list 2. To track some of my comings and goings - who knows, maybe if I want something to write about, I'll have to get out more often!

Now seemed as good a time as any to start. I'm starting a three day holiday weekend with very little planned other than volunteering for a couple of hours at the young adult homeless shelter tonight and (hopefully) getting some things sorted out and organized around the house. Might as well take advantage of all this time! Especially since Michael works all weekend.

In case you are wondering about the title of my blog, some who know may recognize Rutabaga as an old nickname given to me by a dear friend when we were both in high school. She also, not coincidentally, later gave me a tiny copy of Carl Sandberg's Rootabaga Stories as a gift (a charming children's book - you should read it if you get the chance). I never even considered what to name my blog until tonight, but suddenly the name "Rutabaga Stories" popped into mind just as soon as I was asked to title this blog. Must be meant to be, huh?

P.S. About the elephant on this page: I love to travel and I love elephants. I haven't seen any live elephants on recent travels, but I did spot this cute bronze one outside Vienna's Natural History Museum this past May. I figure he's a sign of good things to come.

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Amy said...

I'm so honored! You are my favorite incarnation of a vegetable, ever! Joseph's new favorite book is "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" By Dr. Seuss. I've now read it 8 times in 2 days and noticed there are many fine elephants in the book and it is about travelling and thought "I must tell Ruta about this book". So there you are.