Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spam! It's Pink and it's Oval!

This morning I had the pleasure for, well, for probably the first time in my life of walking to church. And it was only ten minute walk! Of course, if my church really was only ten minute walk from my house I'd walk there every week, but this was a different occasion and a different church. My friend Leena is working as a youth and family minister at a Presbyterian Church in my neighborhood, so invited me there for Luau Sunday.

Now, I'm not too family with other denominations, but in the liturgical year of the Lutheran Church, where I have been a lifelong member, we don't have anything called a "Luau Sunday". Now I feel left out! The service was immediately followed by a luau luncheon, complete with mac salad and Spam.

"Oh, they're out of Spam," a woman noted a bit sadly when we got to the end of the buffet table.

I knew Spam is a staple of the modern Hawaiian diet, but I had no idea it was so popular in north Seattle. Sure enough, two gleaming white plates with a few bits of crushed canned pineapple where all that was to be seen where only a short time ago glistening slices of mystery meat product had lain in wait. But I saw one woman ahead of us who had two - not one, but two - slices of Spam on her plate, so it would seem that some people may not have been taking the Spam needs of the entire congregation into account.

But even without the Spam it was a nice time. I may have to walk to church more often.

(You may be asking why the picture of the adorable puppy. She may not have anything to do with this story, but she is definitely a luau dog and you know she would eat a whole plate of Spam in a heartbeat.)

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