Friday, June 26, 2009

Signs of Summer

It's summer in Seattle! How do I know?
  • We can make sun tea on the porch - most days, at least.
  • I can hang the laundry to dry on the porch - again, on most days.
  • Michael even cleaned the porch to get it ready for summer shindigs (Hmm, many of these reasons seem to focus on the porch...)
  • We have a new barbeque (also located on the porch)! In fact, it arrived today, and I, with some help from our summer housemate, David, who moved in today with his wife, Joan, and daughter, Hazel, put it together tonight.
  • David, Joan, and Hazel have moved in for the summer!
  • I can leave my heavy coat behind and go in to work with my jean jacket instead.
  • The dog has new red toenails! No more of those winter booties in the house, she can now come straight in from the outside in her little plastic red nail caps (chosen because it would be difficult to easily notice should she lose a black nail cap) with no fear of scratching the floors (this, not the weather, was the real reason behind the house booties). Doesn't it just say summer when you see a dog out for an evening walk with crimson toes? Doesn't it? Anybody?
Well, red toenails or not, summer is here and we - including Lucy - are loving it.

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