Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jamon and the Alhambra

It´s a sunny day in Granada, with any snow merely a distant memory (after all, it didn´t even really stick). This morning, the group gaped in awe at stalagtite ceilings in the Alhambra, and even managed to beat most of the crowds. Down below in the old town, I headed for lunch at a local tapas bar with the guide and driver.

As any good Spaniard, or good traveler in Spain, knows, crowded equals good when it comes to tapas bars. And at around 2pm, this place was hopping. We snaked our way through the throngs and managed to squeeze out a little spot along the bar for a stand up meal. Out came a platter of migas (Spanish fried breadcrumbs, which are actually very tasty), quickly followed by selection of jamon, cheeses, and pates. We weren´t even halfway through it when small sampler plates of paella arrived, on the house.

Spain: scme for the sights, stay for the food, but don´t ever expect to lose any weight on this vacation.

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stepherr said...

10 years ago I was in Granada! I studied there with the PLU group (well, along with some other schools as well) and had an amazing time. What I missed (besides tapas and some good sangria) is the gelato you can get from Los Italianos! I also remember how the pools/fountains the Generalife were frozen over the first time I went there in January and how brutally hot it was the last time I went just before I left in June. So very jealous you were there!

:) Rebecca from PLU ('01)