Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where's the Party?

Tonight I drove down to Tacoma for my friend Keri's birthday party. On arriving at their house, I noticed that it appeared very dark, almost as if no one was home... Also, very few cars were parked out front if this was, in fact, the scene of any but the most private of parties. Peering through the window confirmed my suspicions: either everyone in this house had decided to go to bed by 6:15, or else no one was home. I went back to the car to mentally review the situation.

First: I was positive I had the date and time right, although I hadn't read through the invitation again following the initial announcement. Second: I had left the cell phone at home, leaving me with no way of contacting anyone to verify this. Third: The party plan was for ice cream sundaes from six to eight. And kids were welcome. Hmmm...

The it hit me: they must be at their church! Sundaes, kids - it would be much easier to handle a crowd of youngsters in the church gym. While I hadn't been there since their wedding day more than eight years ago, I did know what direction it was in, although I had no idea what the correct street was. Still, after one wrong turn that, oddly enough, quickly ended up leading me back to the correct street, I found myself pulling up to the curb across from Peace Lutheran only five minutes later. And lo and behold, the party was a-happening!

This is not the first time I've had such bouts of "logic" lead me to the spot, despite being seemingly lost. It is, I've often felt, a good skill to possess. Of course, an even better skill might be the ability to actually read directions in their entirety and, oh, maybe even write down the information in some cases (I have also headed out to parties at an unfamiliar house and forgotten to write down the house number - yep, I'm a clever one - but I still found it!). As for now, I'm just happy I made it. Although I still couldn't for the life of me tell you what street that church was on.


Leena said...

oh my Ruth. Sorry to laugh at your expense but this is hilarious. I originally thought you wouldn't have found the party and amazingly you did! I hope it was a good time for all. :)

Ruta (aka Ruth Ann) said...

Yeah, I was really glad to make it. We had a good time playing playdohtionary.